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About Keiretsu Forum Dubai

The Keiretsu Forum has 3000 members in 52 chapters, in 23 countries, over 3 continents. Members gain access to global deal flow and become part of a network of angels around the world. Entrepreneurs get exposure to investors worldwide opening the opportunity for more capital and strategic investment.

Experience Matters

Keiretsu Forum was established in 2000 in the Silicon Valley - East Bay, California. Members globally have invested close to $1 billion USD into over 1000 companies and have syndicated over 100 deals. Pitchbook has named Keiretsu Forum the most active angel network for early seed, late seed and series A companies time and time again in their quarterly results.

Access to Global Deals

The 52 chapters of Keiretsu Forum share deal flow giving members access to worldwide investment opportunities. The portfolio is diverse with majority in technology. life science, and real estate (about 80 %). Tickets size from individual investors have been recorded at a minimum of $10,000 USD to $2.2 M USD and institutional investors have committed even larger amounts.

What is Keiretsu?

Keiretsu is a Japanese term describing a group of affiliated corporations with broad power and reach. Keiretsu Forum believes that through a holistic approach that includes interlocking relationships with partners and key resources, they can offer an association that produces the highest quality deal - flow and investment opportunities.